The real history of Cannabis Oil

The real history of Cannabis Oil

Although medicinal marijuana usage is reasonably new in Western society, cannabis has been recognized for the advantageous assets to Eastern civilizations to get more than 5000 years.

Here’s a short timeline to get things into perspective:

2900 BC – The Chinese emperor Fu His made a mention of “Ma,” the Chinese term for cannabis, mentioning its recovery properties and correct yin-to-yang ratio.

2700 BC – The paternalfather of Chinese medication, Chen Nung (or Shen Nung), is stated to possess discovered the healing properties of marijuana along with ginseng and ephedra.

1500 BC – Marijuana is formally mentioned into the Chinese Pharmacopeia, referred to as Rh-Ya.

1450 BC – The Hebrew version of the written guide associated with Exodus (30:22-23) mentions a holy anointing oil that offers the plant Kaneh-bosem. Kaneh-bosem has been identified by respectable etymologists, botanists, and scientists as cannabis removed into coconut oil.

1213 BC – Cannabis pollen had been located on the mummy of Ramses II. Okumaya devam et “The real history of Cannabis Oil”